Taj Mihelich Life After Pro

Taj held legend status to us growing up in BMX. His style and skill were like no other and he was always went big which we loved from our moto influences.

ARF helped Taj through his back surgery when doctors took advantage of him and tried to bill him twice for the same surgery! Amanda Savage, who is our insurance consultant, audited his billing and took off 10's of thousands of dollars from his bill. Fortunately Taj didn't have to liquidate his life to pay for some shady billing and since then ARF has always carefully reviewed statements for athletes to make sure they aren't over billed.

Over the years Taj has provided art pieces like the Nike Lightning Bolts number plate that paid homage to Bob Haro's iconic design. This was an awesome give back to ARF and helped us assist other athletes in need.

Check out this awesome video by Ride BMX Magazine about where Taj is today.

Full story from Ride BMX in September 2009 CLICK HERE